Proms are becoming more popular for Year 11 students in the UK, taking the place of the old school discos.

UK teens are taking up an ages-old tradition of their American counterparts, and whether you’re in the US or the UK, there are plenty of things common to the prom experience. US teenagers have had plenty of time to discover the do’s and don’ts of prom night, so read on to learn more about the 10 things not to do at a prom.


Don’t leave the planning to the last minute

Also known as don’t let your prom experience get off on the wrong foot. There are a lot of details to attending prom that need to be attended to.

If you leave things like buying your prom dress, renting a limousine, or setting up the perfect “promposal” to the last minute, you risk getting aced out.


Don’t worry about finding a date

If you’re not already in a relationship, or there’s not someone special you want to ask, no big deal.

Lots of people attend prom solo or find friends to go as a group, without all those romantic entanglements. So fret not, for you may just find a soul mate here.


Don’t do alcohol or drugs

This is a big no-no. Getting drunk or high doesn’t make you the life of the party. It might make you do something you’ll later regret, and you know someone will have the cell phone camera rolling, ready to post it to social media. 

Most proms these days have security who will search you at the entrance and they are also wise to those students who hide alcohol in the grounds earlier in the day.


Don’t fret about your dress

The dress is certainly an important aspect of the prom experience, but if you’re not minted, look into renting your dress for the night. If it’s good enough for guys and their tuxedos, it’s good enough for girls.


Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes

Remember, this is a dance. You’ll be on your feet—a lot. The last thing you want is for those too-tight high heels to keep you off the dance floor. If you were born with two left legs like many, the wrong shoe choice might even compound your woes further.


Don’t be too self-conscious

The whole point of the night is to let loose and have fun. No one is going to care if your dance moves aren’t the greatest. In fact, your date and your friends will probably find it adorable that you haven’t mastered the latest craze. Just get out there and shake it!


Don’t make out in the shadows

Really, no one wants to see your public displays of affection. Don’t gross everyone out!

Don’t flirt with someone else’s date

Do you really want to ruin someone else’s evening by stealing their date? Didn’t think so, as proms call for a certain level of dignity.


Don’t be all gobby

Whether it’s their dress, their makeup, their hairstyle, or their uncoordinated dance moves, just go with the flow. Gossip and catty comments will find a way to bite you in the butt. Karma, after all.


Don’t let the night end when prom does

You and your friends just had a great evening dancing and being together one last time as school friends.

Figure out where to gather afterward to wind down and enjoy each other’s company just a little while longer. After parties can be the highlight of the evening!

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