In recent years photobooths have been increasingly popular as event organizers have discovered what a great alternative photobooths are to professional photographers. If you’re looking for a creative way to inject a little bit of fun into your next prom, it’s well worth considering hiring a photobooth.

Why hire a photobooth for a school prom?


1. Photobooths are a great compliment to a photo studio

If you have the responsibility of planning a school prom, you’ll know how many expenses are associated with hosting a prom. You’ll need to budget for a DJ or a live band as well as decorations food and non alcoholic beverages.

So if you’re looking for a creative way to stick within your prom budget, you may want to seriously consider hiring a photobooth. Not only are photobooths a hit amongst teenagers but really compliment the more formal photos taken by the professional photographer in their temporary studio.


2. Instant print photographs

Photobooths instantly print out postcard sized photographs which the students can pop into their clutches or blazer pockets and take home as souvenirs of their special night.

The photobooths that The Prom Photographers hire out will even print a photo for each student in the photograph if they want one.


3. Guests can send images to social media or email

If you hire a traditional photographer you will typically be receiving a physical print of your photo with the option to buy a digital copy after the prom.

If you hire a photobooth, your guests will have the option to send their photographs straight to their email or to post their prom photographs straight onto their social media accounts.

Better yet, your students will also find it a breeze, to tag their friends, so that their friends will have access to their group photographs.

4. Unlimited visits to the booth

Which traditional prom photography, students have to purchase each photograph that they would like to keep.

If you hire a fun photobooth, your students will be able to keep as many images as they like. Better yet, your students will be also be able to quickly delete any photographs that they’re not interested in keeping.

Many students will be going their separate ways after the prom. Allowing unlimited visits to the booth allows students to have photos taken with many different people and groups of friends.


5. Photobooths inspire students to use their creativity

If you decide to hire a photobooth, you may want to supply a box of props and signs which your guests can use to create memorable photos with their friends. Examples of fun props which you may want to provide include oversized sunglasses, feather boas and a selection of quirky hats such as top hats.

If your prom has a theme, such as old Hollywood or “the Great Gatsby”, you may want to provide signs and props that tie in with your chosen theme.


6. Memories that last

There is the immediacy of receiving, enjoying and sharing your photos.

Also, in years to come and you re-discover the photos in the bottom of a shoe box you will be able to have a laugh, reflect on the prom and wonder what has happened to all your school friends and where they are now.


7. Not everyone wants to dance

Entertainment should suit the broad range of tastes that will be present at your prom.

This means not limiting the entertainment just to a DJ. Whilst practically everyone wants music, not everyone is comfortable with dancing. There are


So if you’re convinced that a photo booth will inject a little bit of fun into your next prom, it’s advisable to book a photobooth well in advance. After all, when prom season rolls around, photobooths are bound to be in hot demand!


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