If you’re preparing for your upcoming prom, you may be tossing up whether or not you should pitch in to hire a limo with your friends. If you’re undecided, simply continue reading to discover questions to ask yourself before hiring a limo for prom.

Should I hire a limo for my prom?

6 Questions to ask yourself before hiring a limo for prom

1. Will anyone see you, making your big entrance?

If there’s no room for a limo to park outside of your prom venue, hiring a limo may be a waste of money.

However, if there is ample space for a limo to park outside of your venue and you believe that students will mill around to watch their classmates arrive, you may want to invest in a limo for your big night.

Just remember, that your classmates are probably more interested in their own outfits, than whether or not you turn up in a prom or a beat up Toyota Corolla.

2. Ask yourself, what are your alternatives?

If you choose not to hire a limo, will you be able to organize an alternative that you’re comfortable with.

If you’re uncomfortable being dropped off to your prom in one of your parents’ cars, you may want to ask around to see whether one of your friend’s parents has a luxury car or a vintage car, which they can chauffeur your friends to prom in.

3. Can you split the cost of a limo with a handful of your closest friends?

If you’re tempted by the idea of hiring a limo are concerned about the extravagant fee, you may want to consider asking your friends if they’d be willing to split the cost.

After all, if you split the cost of a limo, by 6-10 people, you may find that hiring a limo is a more affordable option, than you initially thought.

4. Is it cheaper for a limo to pick everyone up from one house?

One way to significantly reduce the cost of hiring a limo, is to hire a limo for half the time. Instead of getting a limo to pick each of your friends up from a different house, why not get a limo to pick all of your friends up from one house. Better yet, if you’re on a real budget, you could arrange for a limo to pick you up from the house which is closest to your prom venue.

Most limousine companies, will allow you to hire a limo for half an hour as, they’ll have the opportunity to pick up another group and escort them to the same prom. Alternatively, if your chosen limousine company requires you to hire a limo for an hour, you may want to split the cost with another group of friends.

5. How will forking out for a limo, effect the rest of your prom budget?

You should only consider hiring a limo, if you have enough cash to purchase your dream prom dress and have already budgeted for essentials such as hair and makeup.

If you’re a guy, you should make sure that you can purchase your date a corsage and hire a suit before you blow all of your prom budget on a limo.


6. What generally happens at your school?

Ask former pupils or the head of year 11 what typically happens at your school.

We find that most students don’t arrive in a limousine although there will often be 2 or 3 limos that pull up.

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