If you’re in charge of organizing catering for a school prom, continue reading to discover how to cater your next school prom.

What food should the prom organizers provide?

1. Prom organizers should ensure that they cater to different diets

Whilst most students will be happy to see meat such as chicken, beef or fish on their prom menu, prom organisers should also cater to students who are vegetarian or vegan. The prom committee should aim to compile a list of vegetarian students in advance, so that they can provide a suitable option, such as vegetable lasagna or a potato gratin .

Prom organizers may also need to cater for students who are gluten intolerant or are required to adhere to special religious diets. Such as a halal or kosher diet.

And you thought it was just a question of choosing between chicken drumsticks and quiche!

2. Prom organizers should seriously consider opting for a buffet

If you’re planning to feed over a hundred students, your best option may be to opt for a buffet.

Buffets are a great choice as they offer exceptional value for money and allow hungry students to eat as little or as much as they like.

If you’re holding your prom on school grounds, or hall, you may need to hire a local catering company, whilst if you’re hosting your prom at a hotel, their on-site restaurant may be able to organize a suitable buffet.

Buffets are also a wise option as they cater to different tastes and have a variety of options for those who are vegetarian or gluten free or with a religious diet.

Most students at a prom simply want to socialise, dance, chill out and of course have their photo taken in the photo studio!

3. Prom organizers should opt for simple food, which will appeal to a wide audience

Whilst it may be tempting to opt for a gourmet menu, full of fancy dishes such as cordon bleu and truffle infused risotto, the reality is that most teenagers would prefer to eat foods that they know and love.

You can’t go wrong opting for classic dishes such as chicken drumsticks, pizza slices, pasta and sausage rolls. Also be sure to offer at least one salad as well as bread and crisps.

4. Consider offering finger food throughout the evening

As most of your students may consume a full meal, before attending prom, it may be a wise idea to offer finger food which students can snack on.

Examples of which may include platters of cheese and crackers and mini quiches. Offering finger food throughout the night is also a great idea, as most attendees will work up an appetite, after hitting the dance floor.

5. Don’t forget to provide some form of dessert

You’d be surprised to find out how many prom organizers forget to organize desert. As your students may not want to eat a whole slice of cake, why not organize miniature cupcakes or pastries?

If you really want to wow your guests, it may also be worth hiring a chocolate fountain, for your guests to dip fruit kebabs and marshmallows into.

6. Endeavour to offer a variety of non alcoholic drinks

Why not order a few cases of sparkling grape juice, to add a little extra class to your prom?

Also be sure to offer water, soft drinks and juice on the night of your prom. You may even want to organize tea and coffee to accompany dessert.

If you can provide drinks within the budget it can save students quite a lot of money at the bar.