Prom Photographer

Bring the full professional photography studio experience to your school prom.

Contemporary backdrops, great lighting and great fun.

All images are available to view immediately on a large screen and students can purchase them on the evening, have them printed out and take away with them.

Often we can attend your prom free of charge!

Free attendance?

For most Year 11 proms with more than 75 guests we should be able to attend for free with a few caveats;

  • all parents of students must have been notified pre-prom of our attendance and the cost of the prints
  • if a photobooth from another company is booked then there will be an attendance fee of £100 (on the flip side if you book one of our booths there will be no attendance fee and we’ll discount the photobooth fee by £100!)
  • the space we are provided should be large enough for our needs and in a suitable location

Due to very limited sales at Year 13 proms we can only attend these if prints have been pre-purchased. Sorry!

Types of photos taken

Traditionally the photo studio experience has been to shoot individuals or a student with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Often this is the photo that parents insist upon!

The growing trend and the most popular photos these days tend to be students with their best friends or groups of mates together.

It can depend upon the particular school and you can be assured that whether students are after formal, or fun photos our photographers have the experience to capture them in the best possible way.


So, how does it work?

Our photographers make it simple for you.


  • have multiple photos in multiple poses taken on the backdrop
  • the photographer uses his or her experience to pose students to best effect
  • photos are immediately available to view on a large screen
  • the student can buy the photo or photos they like
  • the photos are printed out within 15 seconds and presented in a card frame

There is absolutely no obligation to buy, and absolutely no hard sell. If you don’t like the photos simply walk away or have them taken again.

After the prom the photos will be available in an online gallery for purchase.

Cost of prints

We keep our pricing simple.

Photos are £10 each, are 9 x 6 inches and are presented in a card frame.

Some schools incorporate the cost of a print for every student into the ticket price of the prom.

Should you wish to do this we can provide the photos at a cost of £7.50 each.

With our compliments

We know how difficult it can be to arrange a school prom.

If you book with us we will provide vouchers to the value of £50 which can be exchanged for photos on the evening.

Digital only option

Growing in popularity is the option of a digital only option.

Like our standard service we will set up a full photo studio yet we won’t offer any printing.

All photos will be edited and placed in an online gallery after the prom.

Students will then be able to download all the photos they want in high resolution.

This is a fee based service and the cost will depend upon;

  • hours of operation
  • entrance photos also required
  • roaming photography also required
  • number of students


Contact us

We would love to hear from you.

Either use the Contact Form here, or email to

Please let us have as much information as possible so that we can provide a detailed response to you.

Many  thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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